The Histories

Not merely "histories," mind you - Histories with a capital H. There is a difference.


There were several points in time when massive events caused genetic drift and gene flow to occur in omynuy, bringing about new people groups and mutated Omyns. Though these events happened on the same timeline, they will be separated by planetary origin to aid understanding.

The languages used in the actual History texts are ancient forms of Didenki and Erbedian, so the aaS team will simply paraphrase and summarize the content as best as we possibly can in English.


Kadaun & Masera

According to Kadaun History, the first major event of Historical significance was:

Lyfel’s Rebellion.

On the Ancient Planet, there were three groups: Vfinom, Arlomin, and Senfamin. These three groups generally lived and married within their respective communities. In fact, Historians speculate that only 1 in 3,000 couples were of mixed heritage before 3000 ta. Not that they had anything against one another. Quite the opposite, there are many traditions which teach the three groups admired one another, but felt more comfortable, more integral in their own cultures.

Fascinatingly, Lyfel’s Rebellion changed this reality for only a handful of omynuy from each race. Yet billions of people have descended from this handful, and more are being born everyday.


Erbede & Ma'ru

According to Erbedian History, the first major event of historical significance was:

the Insashal’s Treachery.

History says Erbede’s civilizations began with four people: two Nimvs, and an Insashal and Lishadin. The Nimvs had Nimv children, and the Lishadin and Insashal had their own children.

These children could marry whomever they wished, so from the Nimvs and the Insashal and Lishadin arose the Shintyr along with more Lishadin, Insashal, and Nimvs, creating three distinct people groups and civilizations.

Through many generations of beautiful children and prosperity, the Insashal secretly loved the Nimv man who was not her husband.

Long story short, she enticed him into falling in love with her, and then she grew hateful when she was convicted of wrong. The Nimv-man also felt guilty, but he chose to confess what had happened and begged for forgiveness. Seeing he was sincere, he was forgiven and reunited with his wife.

The Lishadin hoped this would be true of his wife as well, so he sought her that he might restore their relationship.


The Convergence

Remember that Amesyth monarch named Ayris Fulkert?  Yeah, his portal meddling led to the next major event in genetic history called:

The Convergence.

The Convergence happened because of the creation Omyn portals between the two systems sharing the Milky Way Galaxy - that is, between the two dimensions of our realities.

King Ayris Fulkert united two worlds which had been foreign to one another since the beginning of time.

Yes. His Omyn created a portal which united Masera and Erbede. The Fulkert family strain of Finomuy was capable of bringing together worlds with cultures and omynuy who had never had contact with one another before.

This caused a migration and trade boom that lasted almost 150 years in which Maseruy, and even some ancients, established colonies and settled on Erbede, creating a trade demand for exotics: mostly plants, animals, timber, metals and gems, and technologies.



Earth’s history is a special one unlike the other histories.

After decades of studying this convoluted mess of generations and languages and religions and wars and genocides and talking to Erbedian colonists, we think we’ve pieced together an idea of what happened with humans.

Probably... maybe... and by "we," I mean Ambassador Etti Rekardo, because I’m certain he’s the only person on Erbede who can even come close to understanding the mess you’ve gotten yourselves into.

So humans were made as humans, it seems, with no Omyn and little survival skills.

Seems like the first event was called:

The Fall.

One Historical account says the first two humans didn’t even have children before they messed everything up. Wow. For Erbede, that’d be like the Insashal killing her husband on their wedding night; or for Kadaun, it’d be like one of the original Senfamin walking into the forbidden cave the minute he was told not to.

Then when the first two humans did have children, one of their sons killed the other. That’s not even one generation gap! Uh, that’s kind of pathetic, and it’s only downhill from there.