Not far from Earth in anything but dimension is a planet called Erbede.

Its inhabitants regard Earth the same way a large city regards a small farm in the countryside—they’ve little concern, if any, save several pushy activists desperate to condescend themselves upon the needy with forced reform. And in the same way, Earth’s secluded peoples have little to no understanding of Erbedian society.

Conspiracy theorists call them aliens and liken them to demons, superheroes, or hideous monsters who built the pyramids and cause crop circles. Such portrayals are grossly exaggerated in either beauty or horror.

And why shouldn’t Earth view Erbedians this way after they left in such haste?

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Hi. I'm Ben, and I'm an “alien.”

I'll be your tour guide on this interplanetary journey through Erbedian culture, literature, art, philosophy, and everyday life. I'm not certain if I'm qualified for something of such grand scale, but I'm what you get.

Let's begin.

If you visited, you’d soon notice Erbedians don’t fantasize about space exploration like Earthlings do.

We know what's out there, we’re tired of it, and we certainly don’t want more.


So here's the awkward truth. This website is basically a giant Public Service Announcement screaming:

Stay home.

Invasive species are the most dangerous force in the known universe, and we have enough humans here already, thank you.


That is to say, we Erbedians, we "aliens" who inhabit a planet sharing your planet's rotation, are sharing our culture with you now, to curb your curiosity so you will leave us alone.

This is one of those, "Don't call me - I'll call you situations." It’s like when there's someone you hate, and in order to tell them you don't want to talk to them ever again, you must preemptively talk to them.

This is one of those awkward situations but on an interplanetary scale.


That being said...

A council of important people decided we should go about this whole awkward confrontation in the least confrontational way possible. They decided on a two-pronged approach to the interplanetary communication issues at hand:


1. Send someone unintimidating.

They decided this because you people have the weirdest ideas about aliens. To alleviate some of your fears, they sent me. I'm a comedian, and I'm super average. And short. And entertaining. And now I feel incredibly self-conscious about all of this.


2. Send literature.

Nothing illustrates a point like the well-aimed words of a book. So we pooled together some of our favorite literature from Erbede which will hopefully convey my PSA in a more artistic way than I've just shared it.


Over the years, we've studied Earth a little, and it came as no surprise to us that you also have invasive species.

We’ve read about lion fish, raccoons, pythons, White People, and many other such devastation to culture and communities around your world.

It seems you know plenty about the destructive power of invasive species - such things can cause entire economies to collapse, unnecessary wars, plagues, injustice, mass extinction, famine, etc., etc., etc.  You might be wondering why I'm making such a big deal out of this.


I'm making it a big deal because we almost lost everything, and your untimely arrival on our planet could make everything worse.



Erbede is what you might call an intergalactic launching point or a cultural trade center. It's become the home of every known people-group, but it wasn't always that way. There used to be just two peoples. Then three, and those three made four, and another invaded, making five.

Then the travelers came through portals. The Maseruy with their wars and treaties.

At first everything was fine.

They were wonderful architects, scholarly, respectful.


If only it had remained that way.


Here’s what happened.

On New Year's Eve just 603 years ago, our people witnessed the destruction of an entire planet and fought against the decimation of our own. Billions of people, creatures, and plants perished; all of Masera's civilizations were lost; and the dimension portals connecting Erbede to the others - to Kadaun, Masera, and even Earth - were broken. 

In one night, more than a third of Erbede's population, an assortment of interplanetary settlers and tourists, became refugees who would never see their home again. They lost family and land, friends and jobs. Some lost everything they had ever lived for during a single breath while asleep.

This horrible tragedy is known as The Great Conquest.

TGC was such a wide-spread catastrophe it marked the beginning of a new era: the time After Amesyth, which is the name chosen to represent our Erbedian literature.


Two particular men are known for The Great Conquest.

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Ayris Fulkert

Ayris had an Omyn capable of bridging portals to other planets.

King Ayris Fulkert, the rightful ruler of Amesyth, was a kind, jovial man who enjoyed getting into bar fights, exploring the Maseraen jungles, and smoking an Omyn pipe. Rumors claim Ayris was fierce in battle, but only because he so fiercely valued his soldiers and would do anything to protect them.

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Daaden Lasdon

Daaden had a heart of lead and a mind controlled by an ancient parasite.

Emperor Daaden Lasdon, who was once Ayris' second in command but turned against him after being infected with an ancient Parasite known as Lyfamuy thus becoming an evil warlord who invaded the country of Kinhaun on Erbede, established a nation ruled by said parasite and founded The Laboratory for Omyn Related studies (LORS) where the Omyn-Syncing Bomb was invented.


And there was King Luwus Megori, but he was more or less the collateral between the two guilty parties.


Basically, The Great Conquest was Emperor Daaden's fault because he initiated the whole catastrophe, and he was sadistic and the worst. But everyone blames King Ayris because he's the one who opened the portals that linked the known universe, making a bridge by which everything was made possible.

Philosophers speculate that if Ayris hadn't opened the floodgates, everything would be the way it was supposed to be.

You can read more about The Great Conquest, King Ayris, Emperor Daaden, King Luwus, and other invasive species in Jensine's novels and short stories.


I hope you now understand why we can't invite you over for tea on the porch. It's not anything against you or Earth (probably.) And we do genuinely hope you enjoy the content of the After Amesyth Series.



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Your Cosmic Hosts:

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Ben Diun Dun

Known as the Ualian "sit down" comedian, Ben Diun Dun has become an Erbedian phenomenon. From his sassy on-stage sketches to his side-splitting free-lance columns, he's spread laughter to millions as if it were a plague.

When Ben's not interacting with earthlings via the IP web, he enjoys traveling, contemplating modern art, and watching Amekrians hurt themselves as they play Lickler.


Jensine Lynn

A Trajonyt born in Somorrah, raised in Amekra, and currently living in Kinhaun, Historical Fiction writer Jensine Lynn established her career with the launch of her first novel, Gcallus Octevius, the tale of an atypical protagonist who finds himself living on Floor 52 of LORS, Erbede's most prestigious laboratory.

Her works are currently being translated and cross-checked for accuracy by U//// Publishing and the Somorrin Institute.

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Etti Rekardo

Former Kinhaunin general under Emperor Daaden Lasdon, Erbedian Ambassador, Co-owner of U//// Publishing, and probabilities mathematician Etti Rekardo translates all aaS content from its original Didenki and Erbedian text into vernacular American English. 

He resides on his privately owned island, Lotte Isle, with his wife, daughter, life-long friend Ta'nu'na, and many nieces and nephews.


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