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From an early age, Gum’ba’ya Ta’nu’na, aka Stupid Tuna, was an outcast due to his eccentric philosophies and his desire for meaningful friendships. After enduring years of ridicule, Tuna finally left his school to start a new life as a cartographer. One Descent, Tuna found himself making a choice his people would consider unimaginably stupid: he chose to save the life of a drowning stranger, and that choice changed everything.


The Stupid Tuna Chronicles

A Serial Fiction Novella

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Hey Earthlings!

If you love out-of-the-cosmos sci-fi adventures featuring unlikely heroes who grow to overcome their fears, weaknesses, and vices to learn the value of love and friendship while being confronted by a bigger than life, world-destroying villain in an epic battle of good and evil...

Gcallus Octevius is most certainly NOT the novel for you!

GCO is a sci-fi noir novel filled with mystery, tragedy, and a fair share of comedy. 



Book 1 • Coming Soon

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The final English draft is currently being reviewed for accuracy by U//// Publishing.

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Lukus & I

Book II | Coming Thereafter

Draft 1 being reviewed for accuracy by the Somorrin Institute.

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My Cup of Tea

A Serial Fiction Novella

Excerpts coming soon