The Erbedian year is separated into 21 months.

New Year's is always celebrated on the first day of Spring.

17 of the 21 months have 17 days. The first months of each season, Ka'Kajun, Vfo'Vfojun, He'Hejun, and Sha'Shejun, have 19 days. During a Grem Year, however, the extra two days of these four months are also dropped. That means every month in a Grem Year has 17 days. Grem Years occur every 32 years.

The 604 aa Grem Calendar Year

with corresponding Gregorian Earth Calendar dates
for years March 2018 - March 2019



The Grem Calendar system was invented by Kinhaunin Mathematician Surian Grem shortly before The Great Conquest. 

He meticulously planned for the destruction which would occur during Emperor Daaden Lasdon's revolution and planned the calendar year accordingly. The integration of Erbedian and Didenki cultural outlooks on time and reasoning was by Grem's design, creating a globally accepted structure. 

Calendar graphics provided by LORS Laboratory for Omyn Related Studies.